Get straight A’s for life: Aptitude, Attitude and Academic Achievement

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Is your rising sports star reaching his or her full potential? The road to your child’s success begins here.

Why Us

WiseUp has identified a specific gap in the educational sector primarily at the secondary school level, due to the incessant shortfall in educational funding. Students no longer have access to optimal career and educational counselling. Compounding this fact is the high drop out rate amongst high school students across Ontario. This, highlights the challenges that most high school boards are facing. They must deliver a curriculum that address students needs.  As is; teachers face difficulty engaging students, poor attendance and poor performance, thus validating the need for such a unique and pivotal service to help close the achievement gap as offered by WiseUp.


We use a distinctive Learning Diagnostic Assessment (LDA) that accurately pinpoints how your child learns and identifies barriers to his or her future academic and career achievements. Our LDA applies a range of measurement indicators that continuously gather and interpret evidence of your child’s learning style. This helps to determine your child’s learning status, identify his or her personal learning goals and develop a customized learning path to reach those goals.


The Balancing Act

The biggest challenge many student athletes face is balancing the demanding schedules and time constraints of their academic and athletic pursuits. It is imperative that your child’s academic standards are not compromised as a result. For this reason, time management is a central skill our Life Prep Coaches help students to develop.


WiseUp Educational Planning and Life Preparation Coaches help students to:

1) identify the skills and characteristics that underlie their athletic success; and 2) apply these key traits to other areas of their lives.

How does WiseUp do this? First, we provide a positive environment focused on encouragement, empowerment and continual feedback. This context builds confidence, self-esteem and motivation, and cultivates individual growth — all characteristics that can be applied beyond academics to all facets of life. Our Life Prep Coaches extrapolate pertinent information about your child through a two-phase assessment process. They then work with your child to implement a strategic action plan that is specifically tailored to her or his academic, career and/or life goals. They introduce concepts such as: time-management, prioritization and planning, stress-management, study skills, effective reading, note-taking and other tools and strategies to help students maximize their time. Our Life Prep Coaches are highly trained and have a broad range of experience. They work with a diverse youth population with varying needs. For example, some students may be struggling academically and require strategies to improve their grades, while students with high grades in some subjects may need to improve their learning efficiency in other areas. Ultimately, our Life Prep Coaches help each student to develop an outcome-based system that establishes clear, linear and measurable steps to achieve their individual goals. All services are delivered in our unmatched family-centred style. We foster and maintain an on-going relationship with our clients and their families. This transparent and inclusive approach ensures students that we are with them throughout the process until their goals are achieved.


When considering the post-secondary application process, WiseUp Educational Planning & Life Preparation Consulting is the one-stop-shop for all your child’s academic and career support needs. Along with the core life preparation services we offer, we also recognize that some students require more support in their chosen field of study.

Let our specialty training services provide your child with the tools needed to be successful. They include:

Essay Writing:

Individual and group instruction delivered by writing experts.

Exam & Test Preparation:

Implementation of the best study and writing strategies used to optimize results in a timed environment.

Interview Skills:

Development of practical skills needed to build and exude confidence.

Media & Self Imaging:

Acquisition of self-promotion techniques using current technology.

Presentations/Public Speaking:

Mastering a variety of techniques to effectively communicate and present confidently to a range of audiences.