Get straight A’s for life: Aptitude, Attitude and Academic Achievement

About Us

Our Beginnings

WiseUp Educational Planning & Life Preparation Consulting is a team of professionals who help to transition students from high school to post-secondary institutions by offering a wide range of supportive services. It was founded in 2009 on the premise that we believe in the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence, while simultaneously fostering critical thinking to develop intellectual independence and cultivating the mind with the belief that “All is possible with proper nurturing and guidance.”

What We Plan To Do

We are committed to helping students realize their full potential in an enriched environment where supportive career planning and self-motivated learning propel each student on a journey to academic and career success.

Our thoughts on educational upliftment

To create an environment where learning is a shared endeavour and high ethical standards are maintained within external and internal relationships. To this end, we teach and demonstrate respectful, empathetic, tactful and courteous behaviour.