Get straight A’s for life: Aptitude, Attitude and Academic Achievement

Get A G.R.I.P

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

We promote independent learning and self-correctness that lead to lifelong empowerment. We know that the student athletes maximize their performance when they have an objective to achieve. The dream of realizing that objective generates the powerful drive, determination, commitment and heart they need to excel in sports. These are the very same attributes that are necessary to succeed in many other areas in life.

Our belief is to help students learn to help themselves. Using our exclusive GRIP (Goals, Research and Implementation of the Plan) life map, we work with your child to develop and execute a personalized strategic plan to achieve post-secondary eligibility or to set alternative career success goals. This includes researching potential post-secondary institutions and options that compliment your child’s career interest, education aptitude and interests. These are some of the factors we measure and analyze in our unique WiseUp career counselling and planning process.